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Student Achievement Program

During the school year, middle school students earn trophies, gifts, and other incentives to promote academic excellence, good conduct, and regular attendance. Awards ceremonies are
held at the end of each grading period during the school year. The Homeroom with the best attendance in the Interclass Competition receives a class party and retains the Attendance Trophy.


Volunteers provide one-to-one mentoring to students on a weekly basis. For over 30 years our mentoring partner, the Listeners/Oyentes, has provided services to Miami Dade County Public Schools. Our goals are to help youth overcome negative feelings about themselves, stay in school, and become successful individuals.


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Scholarships - Coming Soon

In an effort to improve student achievement and promote continued learning, students will soon have an opportunity to apply for scholarships to pursue higher education.


Career Mentoring - Coming Soon

Students will have an opportunity to be matched with experienced professionals.